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We live in highly calamitous times. You can't fully look away and it's easy to feel like you're losing your mind. But that's ripe territory for Kate Hannington's solo venture, CALAMITY. Hannington's journey has taken her from the rust belt basement punk shows of Cleveland (her hometown), to the avant-garde rock and chamber music scenes of New York, to her current landing spot, Denver. In her time here, she's perfected a sound that reflects those influences and brings them together as a cohesive piece with a neon cherry on top – guttural baritone guitars provide a sonic bedrock for twinkling synths, with jangly harmonies and forlorn vocals rippling throughout. Dreamy one moment and pugnacious the next, Hannington's songs are reminiscent of the moody stylings of Jason Molina with a sprinkling of 90s grunge a la Kim Deal and early 2000s shoegaze. It delivers best at night when aural uncertainties have that special way of floating into darkened corners. CALAMITY as a performing band is Kate Hannington on vocals and guitars, Maggie Schmidt on synthesizer, Alex Jones on bass and synthesizer, and Andrew Bair on drums. CALAMITY's debut album, Chiromancy, was released on July 28, 2023.

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